Commonplace - A platform that transforms engagement for your residents and you



Commonplace's web-based platform supports public engagement for planning and policy, drawing on the silent majority, and building trust through transparency. Proven in over 140 installation, Commonplace has engaged over 15,000 people in developing Waltham Forest's award-winning Mini Holland programme. Commonplace underpins face-to-face engagement and adds the reach and delightful interface of a web application, reaching younger people and diverse views. 


A platform that transforms engagement for your residents and you

Commonplace offers web-based tools for all stages of public engagement: Heatmap based inputs on what works and what needs improving in an area, and our Design Feedback for obtaining inputs on plans and designs.

Commonplace works with you to ensure you obtain data that is meaningful to your decision-making. Commonplace's transparency builds trust: everyone can see all comments and add their own, building powerful insight into what communities value and need.

Commonplace  helps anchor discussion in facts and gives a real-time view of what people are saying and who is taking part. You can then direct precious resources specifically towards any under-represented group. 

See our case study of the Waltham Forest Mini Holland programme here



  •          Reach a wider audience
  •          Transparency that helps build trust
  •          Clear presentation of your plans
  •          Ability to analyse responses quickly and at a level of granularity that supports policy development
  •          Real-time information as to the demography of those taking part
  •          Efficiency and money-saving by directing paper forms and face-to-face activity where they are needed
  •          Further savings due to the ease of data collation and analysis
  •          Integration with social media helps you curate the digital conversation
  •          Use of best in the field tools - trusted by over 60 clients and proven in over 150 installations 


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