Assisted Transport pilot

  • By London Councils

The Assisted Transport pilot is a joint customer research project to test ways in which future users of door-to-door services might have more flexibility and choice in how they travel. It is being run by London Councils and Transport for London.

We are working with a research company, Future Thinking to improve the assisted transport services that are available in London, and randomly selecting Taxicard and Dial-a-Ride users to ask if they would like to take part.

This involves 300 randomly selected participants, from amongst Taxicard and Dial-a-Ride users in two London boroughs, Hounslow and Southwark. A small number of younger disabled people, who currently don't use door-to-door services but who would be eligible to join, will also be taking part.

We are aiming to offer participants more flexibility and choice over how they can use the Taxicard service. It will be easier for all participants to choose longer distance journeys (as long as they start or finish in a London borough).

As part of the pilot, we will also be trialling two different forms of Taxicard budget. Participants will be offered one of two packages - either  based on trips or on a 'virtual cash purse'.

The pilot will first track participants' usual travel behaviour. Then, from October 2018, it will track any changes to their travel that arise after the trial changes to Taxicard are introduced.

We plan to run the pilot until October 2019.