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London Health Improvement Board

The 'shadow' London Health Improvement Board (LHIB) was established and held its first meetings in July and October 2011 and ceased operating in March 2013. 

A partnership to improve health

In late 2010 the Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley, invited The Mayor of London, London Councils and London's borough leaders to develop proposals for collective work on health improvement in London. London Councils and The Mayor of London wrote to the Secretary of State in early 2011 setting out their jointly agreed proposals for a pan-London approach to health improvement. The proposal to establish a London Health Improvement Board was subsequently agreed by the Secretary of State in March 2011. The Board was initially established in shadow form pending the legislation that is required to make it statutory.

The shadow Board demonstrated London Councils's commitment to work in partnership to improve the health of all Londoners and reduce inequalities in health outcomes. It provided a unique opportunity to complement health improvement work delivered at a local level through the initiation of pan-London approaches where these were to provide added value or benefit.

The lead contacts for the LHIB work:

Obesity: Gus Wilson,  Gus.wilson@london.gov.uk
Alcohol: Matthew Andrews, matthew.andrews@cityoflondon.gov.uk
Data Transparency: Robyn Peel, Robyn.Peel@londonconnect.org  
Cancer: Gus Wilson, Gus.wilson@london.gov.uk