Upcoming events

  • August

​26-30/08 European Road Safety Summer School, Mechelen, Belgium

  • September

2-30/09  CIVITAS SUNRISE e-course on creating sustainable mobility at neighbourhood level

16-22/09 European Mobility Week

17/09 LEPT Borough Forum, London, UK

24-26/09 European Research and Innovation Days, Brussels, Belgium

  • October

2-4/10 CIVITAS Forum Graz, Austria

7/10 Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 'Smart green and integrated transport' 2019 Call Info Day, Brussels, Belgium 

7-10/10 European Week of Cities and Regions, Brussels, Belgium

7-10/10 Walk 21, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

7-9/10 Digital Transport Day, Helsinki, Finland

8/10 Discover the new topics of the last UIA call for 2014-2020 period, Brussels, Belgium

8/10 The integration of the new mobility services in public transport, Brussels, Belgium

9-11/10 47th European Transport Conference, Dublin, Ireland

16-17/10 Autonomy - The Urban Mobility Summit Paris, France

21/10 EGVIA workshop on future energy needs in road transport, Brussels, Belgium 

21-23/10 Connecting the dots: Eurocities mobility forum, Uppsala, Sweden 

  • November 

20-22/11 Eurocities Annual Conference, Prague, Czech Republic

26-28/11 Annual POLIS Conference, Brussels, Belgium