The PASSsystem: managing outcome-driven care




The PASSsystem is used by care providers across health and social care for creating person-centred digital care plans, recording the delivery of care, and for monitoring and analysing the results of the care that has been delivered. Care providers can proactively monitor the quality of care delivered and, through real-time alerting, respond to time-critical safety issues.

Local authorities that commission care packages from providers using the PASSsystem can monitor provider performance remotely, therefore saving on time spent requesting and waiting for reports on key performance metrics. Through the local authority dashboard, council commissioners can view evidence of progress towards care outcomes, continuity of care, and occurrences of safeguarding incidents including falls and medication errors.  The PASSsystem is helping local authorities to move towards a preventative agenda, increase provider stability, and demonstrate value across care services.  

Using openPASS, sharing information with families and other healthcare professionals is simple and compliant with information governance requirements. openPASS helps to make care provision more transparent. In one local authority region, commissioners reported an overall reduction in queries and complaints directed to the local authority following implementation of the PASSsystem across all home care providers.

Working with the Social Care Institute for Excellence and York Consulting, everyLIFE co-produced an evaluation to validate the benefits that the PASSsystem delivers. The evaluation was a year-long project which comprises of surveys, literature reviews, and semi-structured interviews with users of the PASSsystem, including care providers, care managers and local authority staff. Please click on the link to view the evaluation.

SCIE evaluation.pdf

Key functions and benefits

  • Detailed digital care plans, including full medication details on mobile devices and synched in real time with the office
  • Real-time visibility of care delivered, including time and attendance
  • Reduces medicine mismanagement and errors by providing immediate updates to eMAR charts allowing for constant auditing of a service user’s medication and care
  • Performance dashboards available at aggregated provider level, service provider level and service user level
  • Ability to evidence outcomes 
  • GDPR and NHS Digital DSPT compliant
  • Encourages positive behaviours across providers by offering full transparency to the service user and key stakeholders through openPASS
  • Improves business efficiencies
  • Paperless system which contributes to a greener more sustainable environment
  • Better prepared to respond to inspections, challenges and complaints
  • Enables person centred care through service user involvement
  • Ability to demonstrate accountability to service users, families and regulators
  • Ease of service user transition between care providers using the PASSsystem
  • NFC and QR code time and attendance monitoring
  • Easy to use web platform and app
  • Connects care workers which helps improve staff retention