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  • Local Government and Net Zero

    This briefing outlines the key findings and policy implications of the National Audit Office’s recent value for money report on achieving net zero.

  • Three Operators Selected for the Rental E-scooter Trial in London

    TfL and London Councils have now announced the three operators selected to take part in the UK’s largest rental e-scooter trial which will launch on Monday 7 June in a core group of boroughs and Canary Wharf with more areas expected to join the 12-month trial as it progresses. This member briefing provides an update on the announcement and related work we have done so far.

  • E- Scooter Trials in London: Invitation to Tender

    An update on the tender and related work to date.

  • Under 18s Free Travel Arrangements to Stay

    Young people in London wil be able to continue to enjoy free travel across the capital, providing TfL can find alternative funding for the scheme from April 2021.

  • E-scooter Trials in London

    An update on the work we have done so far.

  • Freedom Pass Update

    This briefing provides updated information on restrictions on the use of Freedom Passes at busy times; the cost of the Freedom Pass Scheme in 2020/21 and flexibilities granted to non-TfL buses during in response to Covid-19.

  • Freedom Pass and Covid-19

    This briefing provides members with latest information on: potential restrictions on the use of Freedom Passes at busy times; the cost of the Freedom Pass Scheme in 2020/21; and flexibilities granted to non-TfL buses during in response to Covid-19.

  • Towards a More Coordinated Approach to Car Clubs

    This member briefing showcases the results of recent work to understand and support the potential for car clubs 

  • Taking a Pan-London Approach to Dockless Bike Parking in the Capital

    Outlines the work London Councils is doing to empower local authorities to create, approve and enforce designated parking areas for dockless bicycles and deliver a more consistent approach

  • Overview of the Department for Transport’s ‘Road to Zero’ Strategy

    This briefing provides an overview of the government’s strategy to reduce emissions from road transport.

  • Mayor’s Transport Strategy 2018

    This member briefing sets out the changes secured on behalf of boroughs to the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and accompanying Local Implementation Plan Guidance, published shortly before the London local elections.

  • Transport and Environment Policy Overview

    This briefing summarises the areas of policy focus for the London Councils Transport and Environment Committee (LC TEC)

  • Positive About Parking

    This briefing alerts members to a new campaign to improve public awareness of the benefits of effective parking management in making the capital’s roads safer, more accessible and cleaner.

  • Dockless Cycle Hire Scheme

    Your borough may have recently seen the introduction of dockless cycles. While this may offer a convenient cycle hire option for resident and business users, especially where TfL’s Santander cycle hire is not present in the borough, we know that there  are concerns about the lack of engagement by some operators with boroughs and the need to manage the location of cycles.

  • Draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy published

    The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has published his draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy for consultation

  • Taxicard consultation

    Users of London Councils’ Taxicard and TFL’s Dial-a-Ride services are being invited to complete a survey on what they think of the current services and how certain changes could affect them.

  • Crossrail 2 Planning Changes to Enable Housing Delivery

    This member briefing explores the findings of the Crossrail 2 Growth Commission, and its proposals regarding planning policy to secure the delivery of housing along the Crossrail 2 route.

  • Road Safety

    A summary of TfL’s 'Casualties in Greater London' report and the progress made towards the target of halving the number of people killed or seriously injured on London's roads.

  • Freedom Pass 2016 Renewal

    The Freedom Pass is a concessionary travel scheme for eligible older and disabled people, giving them free travel on all modes of public transport in London and on bus journeys nationally.

  • Living on the Edge

    London Councils, together with London TravelWatch and Trust for London recently commissioned research to explore the impact of travel costs on low paid workers living in outer London.

  • New Penalties for Builders’ Skips

    London Councils has set penalty levels that enable boroughs to issue Penalty Charge Notices to owners of skips which do not comply with the law.

  • Managing Highways Obstructions on London's Streets

    Produced with London TravelWatch, this briefing details the issues and legal position of highways obstructions. 

  • Night Tube and Night Buses

    The Night Tube will see some sections of the tube run through Friday and Saturday nights

  • Road Planning

     This briefing primarily focuses on the development of a ‘street types’ framework for thinking about how different streets operate and should be improved