11/13 London Boroughs Grants Scheme 2014/15 expenditure

  • By London Councils


This circular informs borough Chief Executives of the recommended level of the London Borough Grants Scheme budget for 2014/15 and seeks a formal response to that recommendation ideally by Friday 17 January 2014, but no later than Friday 31 January 2014. If two thirds of boroughs have not indicated their assent to this budget by that date, the default position by law is for a budget at the level of the previous year to be introduced. I should, therefore, be grateful for formal notification of your borough’s agreement to this budget by the dates set out in bold above. The means by which each borough arrives at such a formal decision will be dependent upon local Schemes of Delegation, Standing Orders and Terms of Reference. In most cases, however, we anticipate a cabinet or mayoral decision will be provided to us.


The London Councils Grants Committee considered proposals for expenditure in 2014-15 at its meeting on 6 November 2013. The Leaders’ Committee agreed a budget at its meeting on 12 November and the following recommendation is now made to constituent councils.