Authorities issue a quarter of a million fewer PCNs

  • By Jim Ranger

Nearly a quarter of a million fewer penalty charge notices (PCNs) for parking and traffic contraventions were issued by London boroughs and Transport for London (TfL) last year, figures reveal.

Authorities issued 4,746,219 PCNs in 2014/15, which is a drop of 243,704 or nearly five per cent from 2013/14 (4,989,923).

The number of appeals lodged with the independent appeals body London Tribunals fell by more than 20 per cent – nearly 11,000 fewer – and the number of appeals lodged as a percentage of total PCNs issued fell to less than one per cent.

In 2014/15, 43,175 appeals were lodged with London Tribunals, or just 0.91 per cent of all PCNs issued, compared to 54,129 the previous year (1.08 per cent).

Across London, the number of PCNs issued fell to the lowest level since 2000/01 (1).

Cllr Julian Bell, Chair of London Councils’ Transport and Environment Committee, said: “These figures represent very positive news for motorists and enforcement authorities alike.

“The drop in the number of PCNs issued shows that the message is getting through to motorists about responsible driving and parking in London, while the drop in the number of appeals shows that boroughs are enforcing the law responsibly.

“What’s more it indicates that boroughs are dealing with appeals appropriately in the first instance before they may be referred to the adjudicator, thereby making a more efficient use of their resources and providing a better service for motorists.”


Notes to Editor
(1)    Does not including PCNs issued under the London Lorry Control Scheme. In 2014/15, boroughs and TfL issued 4,740,788 PCNs; in 2000/01, 4,262,964 were issued.

-    London Tribunals (formerly the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service (PATAS)) supports the Environment and Traffic Adjudicators and the Road User Charging Adjudicators, which are the independent tribunals which consider appeals against Penalty Charge Notices issued by the London Local Authorities and Transport for London.

-    For a full set of statistics, see related documents (right).