Item 5 - Spending Review 2015 Submission - update (E8/9)


Leaders agreed the structure of London Councils’ submission to Spending Review 2015 at the July Leaders’ Committee. This followed a discussion of future options for local government finance at June Leaders’ Committee.

This submission is primarily in respect of the finance and resource issues for London in advance of the Spending Review. It is a separate document from the London proposition on Devolution and Public Service Reform.

The submission puts forward the case for London local government at the forthcoming Spending Review, which will set departmental spending limits for the next four years. It contains a number of specific asks of government relating to funding. 

The draft submission is being considered by the Group Leaders in their roles as the relevant portfolio holder and shadow portfolio holder in order that a submission can be made in accordance with the HM Treasury deadline of 4th September. The agreed document will be sent to the Executive in advance of the meeting on 8th September.


Executive Committee is asked to:
a)    note the content of the draft submission; and 
b)    comment on the asks it contains throughout and offer guidance on future work.