Who we are, YPES Board and sub-groups

Young People's Education and Skills (YPES) provides pan-London leadership for 14 to 19 education and training provision in relation to the current and future needs of learners and employers, supports local authorities in undertaking their statutory functions, and assists other stakeholders in planning, policy and provision. The YPES Board, made up of key stakeholders and chaired by the Executive Member for Skills and Employment, is the lead strategic body for 14 to 19 education and training services in London.

YPES works for London's boroughs, guiding and supporting them in their local commissioning, bringing together key stakeholders from across London to help deliver the region's priorities to influence and shape the learning provision on offer to young people. 

The Young People's Education and Skills Annual Plan can be found here

The YPES board leads on the 14-19 education and training agenda across London.  Meeting dates and papers from previous meetings can be found at the bottom of this page.


Voting Members

  • 2 x London Councils Elected Members (from other two main parties beyond the chair)
  • 2 x LB Directors of Children's Services
  • 1 x LB Local Authority Chief Executive
  • 1 x Greater London Authority
  • 1 x London Economic Action Partnership
  • 5 x Providers (through representative bodies inc. one each of - FE College; Sixth Form College; School Sixth Form; Work-based Learning Provider; Independent Specialist Provider)

Non-voting Members

  • 1 x Education Skills Funding Agency
  • 1 x Association of Colleges


  • London Councils' Executive Member for Skills and Employment


  • Association of London Directors of Children's Services


Future, present and past meeting dates and papers can be found here.

The YPES's Operational Sub-Group (OSG) helps guide and scrutinise the work of the YPES team including determining the direction of YPES workstrands such as those around Data Management; Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND); and Improving Choices for Young People (ICYP).

It brings together key stakeholders including local authority officers, providers, statutory agencies (e.g. GLA) and links to other groups.  The OSG is formally constituted and meets at London Councils offices.

Future, present and past meeting dates and papers can be found here.

Future, present and past meeting dates and papers can be found here.