Clean Air Day 2019

London Councils is supporting Clean Air Day 2019.

Clean Air Day is a national air pollution campaign, coordinated by the charity Global Action Plan. Clean Air Day sees hundreds of events take place across the country focused on improving understanding of air pollution, building awareness and providing information on what everyone can do to tackle air pollution. 

Clean Air Day engages all walks of life in a bid to bring everyone together to tackle air pollution, with events focused on communities, businesses, education and health sectors. Local Authorities play a huge role in coordinating action on Clean Air Day, and London’s boroughs will be hosting events and raising awareness across the capital this Thursday. 


Global Action Plan provide information and communications materials on air pollution free – you can access these on the Clean Air Day website.

This page presents a small selection of good practice examples, however, it is by no means an exhaustive list. More work is happening across London from all the boroughs. For more information on what the London boroughs are doing, you can visit their websites and view their Air Quality Action Plans and reports.

Any London local authorities with good practice examples that they think should be included in this list should contact Owain Mortimer

Also see the results of our 4th annual public polling on Londoner's awareness and attitudes to air quality issues in London here.

London borough Clean Air Day activities

London Borough of Camden

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital Play Street
    GOSH will deliver a play street event from 13:00-17:00 on the day. The event involves closing the street for an afternoon in order to conduct play activities with GOSH patients/family members the local community and staff. This will involve simple games such as giant connect 4, space hoppers, sponge balls, hopscotch, face painting, and possibly sporting activities. There may be some tables/stalls with information for engagement. Various service providers including the emergency services will be invited to contribute from an engagement and educational perspective. Local community groups will be taking part in the play street

  • Pharmacy Patient Engagement (Joint with LB Islington)

Our shared public health team is producing NCAD awareness stickers that pharmacists will place on prescription packs that patients collect.  Illnesses impacted by poor air quality such as asthma, COPD and cardio vascular disease will be targeted.  Example of stickers:

  • GP Patient Engagement

Slides with key messages will be given to Camden GP’s to show on their patient waiting area screens in the run up to NCAD.  The messages will link up with our Clean Air for Camden campaign and provide messages on how patients can reduce their pollution exposure and as a result their symptoms.

  • Anti-Idling

Camden will be holding an anti-idling event at Kentish Town Health Centre. This is an idling hotspot that was highlighted to us by the Kentish Town community during our engagement for the Clean Air Action Plan.  The event will take place during the morning between 9:30-11:30 and will use volunteers as well as council parking enforcement officers to engage with idling drivers to raise awareness and influence them to turn off their engines while stationary.

  • Taxi Engagement Project delivered with the LTDA
    In the run up to the 20th, Camden and LTDA representatives will be monitoring air pollution concentrations inside taxi vehicles that rank up from Goods Way to Pancras Road.  The councils will monitor driver exposure for those ranking behind taxis whose engines are left idling and those who are ranked behind electric taxis. The hope is to demonstrate that by turning engines off, drivers are reducing exposure to themselves and their colleagues. On the day, Camden officers and LTDA representatives will engage with drivers letting them know about their pollution exposure and handing them flyers with further information on air pollution and how they can reduce their exposure. The LTDA will also publicise this project on their members’ newsletter and keep the design of the flyer to produce and continue distributing after NCAD to their members. Depending on the success of this project, Camden will look to deliver similar projects with the LTDA at other taxi hotspot locations around Camden such as Euston station.

  • Cycle Events
    Camden’s Transport Planning team will be delivering various bike related activities in Camden.  Bikeability training will be delivered at Argyle School where children will be given bike safety lessons to give them the confidence to cycle around Camden as well as to and from school. Netley School will hold a Bikeit day where staff, pupils and parents will be able to bring their bikes in for a free service and check over.  This again is to empower the community to use their bikes around Camden.  Lastly, a community cycling project will be held for the community in Somers Town and Regent’s Park at Richard Cobden school (also referred to as Saint Pancras Community Association). It will provide bikeability training for children and cycle training for adults. 

  • NW3 Green School Run
    The NW3 Green School Run group have started various initiatives in the area to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.  For NCAD, Camden plan to promote some of their work via our council social media network. Projects to be promoted include:

    • Their school bus programme. The group have worked with private schools in the Hampstead area to reduce the number of children being driven to and from school via private vehicles.  They have rented out a coach that will now collect and drop off children at key locations.

    • Walking school bus. For those who live close to their school, the group has started to organise walking school buses to assist parents who would usually drive their children to school.

    • Working with the Hampstead Village Business Improvement District to consolidate deliveries and reduce the amount of delivery vehicles on the road.

  • Camden Climate Change Alliance (CCCA)

    The CCCA will be working with their members to take action and promote initiatives during NCAD. This will include:

  • Member benefits: To encourage the use of telecommunications instead of travel, CCCA member London Teleport Professional Video are offering one hour of free conference calling to other CCCA members between 12:00-17:00 on NCAD.  Calls that are longer than one hour will received 25% off the regular retail price.

  • CCCA member initiatives to reduce air pollution will be highlighted through case studies including: WeGo (how they are helping businesses to reduce delivery emissions), Hoare Lea (helping businesses to understand and manage internal air quality), Coal Drops Yard - Waste by Barge (a pilot project testing the use of Camden Canal as a substitute method of transport). The latter is still to be confirmed.

  • A collaborative social media campaign using relevant hashtags (#CleanAirCamden, #CleanAirDay) will be run to highlight business actions improving local air quality. For example: Quakers in Britain and Friends House Hospitality will be sharing their achievements around improving biodiversity, the use of renewable energy and sourcing local suppliers and The Wesley will focus on the introduction of a new electric van to reduce local transport emissions. We are in conversation with other CCCA members to bring them on-board on the campaign.

For more information, please visit: 

London Borough of Camden   


The City of London Corporation

  • In the City of London, have chosen to focus the majority of actions on internal engagement. The City will be running a Clean Air Day information stall in the staff canteen and promoting messaging through their intranet. They also have planned two ‘Cleaner Air’ walks around the City, one starting from the Guildhall and one from the Barbican. There will also be an online comms campaign running up to and on the day consistent of a series of tweets.
  • The City also have an event to which Facility Managers for organisations in the City have been invited. The theme is Sustainability in the Built Environment and they have a short talk on Air Quality.

For more information, please visit: 

London Borough of Croydon

  • Schools Art Competition. Theme: Air pollution and your health. Dates: 01-20 May – competition, 20 June 2019 - unveil banner and handover Cash Prize.
  • Play Street at Croydon Town Centre. Date: Sunday 16/06/2019
  • Idling vehicle checks. Date: 17-19 June 2019 (Monday - Wednesday)
  • Work & walkshop utilising PM monitors
  • Active travel to school competition Date: Thursday 20/06/2019. Free breakfast for children who use active modes of transport ( travel by bus, cycle, walk) to school on the day
  • Active travel for Croydon council and event – either at the market or internal at council offices
  • Croydon Council have confirmed that 1445 pupils from 6 schools will take part in Active travel to school on Clean air day.

For more information, please visit: 

London Borough of Haringey

Council Staff Actions:

  • Haringey Council will be providing information and advice to council staff to tell them what they can do to improve air quality, such as cycling or walking to work or turning off their car engine when stationary. Promotion of other means of transportation i.e. bikes, scooters etc in order to demonstrate an alternative to driving
  • Free Cycle training with Dr Bike for Haringey Councils staff
  • Internal Communications for the day will be done via the website and  In Haringey (14 June) and Yammer (on the day).

School Actions:

  • Anti-Idling campaigning will take place at two schools in Haringey during drop off and pick up periods. Enforcement officers from Haringey council will also be present who will be handing out leaflets and materials relating to air quality.
  • The Smarter Travel Team will also hold air pollution events at two schools. Activities will include play sessions in their playground, workshops and walk badges.
  • Haringey council will provide schools with a crocodile costume for schools to use as part of their walking bus.
  • To promote the message widely to residents, an online campaign targeting key audiences (parents, office staff) promoting the benefits of leaving the car and the impact pollution is having on the community will be delivered.
  • All schools within the borough will be sent information and resources to use on the day.

Actions for businesses:

  • Encouraging the understanding of Ultra Low Emission Zone. 

For more information, please visit: 

London Borough of Havering

  • Havering Council will be holding an awareness raising stall in Liberty Shopping Mall Romford and seeking views of residents on air quality concerns. They will also be visiting a school with the Lead Member to highlight issues schools can get involved with. 

For more information, please visit: 

London Borough of Islington

  • Islington will be holding a week of interventions to increase pollution knowledge and encourage more active travel to school, avoiding pollution on the way at Hargrave Park Primary.
  • After school on Thursday 20 June there will be celebrations at a Play Street at the top of Hargrave Park from 3.30-6pm. This is free and open to everyone to attend to play on a street free of traffic and pollution!
  • Moreland Street will be closed to traffic from 8am – 6pm and a ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held between 9:00am – 10:00am to launch this newly transformed street. The official ribbon cutting is scheduled for 9:15am and is open to all. Moreland Street has recently been transformed into a safer, healthier and greener street for pedestrian and children. The road has been narrowed with traffic calming features to reduce vehicles speeds which helps to tackle air pollution. The footpath has been widened to encourage people to walk and is a more pleasant street for children to travel to school on foot. It has created a child-friendly theme, especially outside Moreland Primary School, by installing coloured street furniture and coloured circles on the road. Planters have also been installed to make the environment greener.
  • Pharmacies across Islington and Camden will have stickers with Clean Air Day messages on them to put on relevant medications.

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London Borough of Lewisham

Lewisham Council is hosting three events across the borough to raise awareness and engage residents on air quality issues.

  • Clean Air Staff Walk
    • The Environment Protection Team is organising a staff walk through Ladywell Park. During the walk, Nick Park, from Ecological Regenration, will give a talk on the park and river.
  • Anti-Idling Card Launch
    • The launch of Lewisham's Anti-Idling Awareness Cards. The Council will be outside Haseltine School handing out the cards to parents. Before this Lewisham will be making a presentation to the winner of the Anti-Idling Banner Competition at Haseltine. The winning image is used on the Anto-Idling Cards.
  • Air Quality Pledges event
    • The Council will be outside the Lewisham Shoping Centre on Lewisham High Street encouraging the public to make an Air Quality Pledge. They will write on a card which will then be put up on a notice board at the event.

If you would like more information, please visit:

London Borough of Merton

Everyone is invited to a free special Clean Air Day event on Thursday 20 June in The Piazza Wimbledon from 11am until 3pm. The focus will be on reducing air pollution through sustainable, active transport. Activities will include:

  • Get hands-on with an electric bicycle and electric car
  • Dr Bike sessions giving free checks on everything from bike wheels to saddles.
  • Borough walking, cycling and electric vehicle charging maps
  • Sign up to airTEXT the air pollution alert service
  • Learn more about air quality using the South London Love Clean Air website
  • A Council led anti-idling campaign will take place at nearby taxi ranks
  • Giant snakes and  ladders game
  • Prizes and giveaways

For more information, please visit: 

London Borough of Redbridge

  • Riedbridge Council is holding an Air Quality information afternoon in the Central Library, Ilford on Clean Air Day - Thursday 20 June. 
  • Air quality and public health officers will be available to talk to the public about air pollution health concerns and information will be available to help people on high air pollution days. Residents are encouraged to attend the event and make pledges to improve air quality. 

For more information, please visit:

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

  • Richmond upon Thames has encouraged all schools to take part in Clean Air Day 2019 or even clean air week. Many activities will be going on with particular emphasis on finding out where pupils live and mapping out cleaner, low pollution back routes to walk, scooter or cycle to school on Thursday 20th June for Clean air Day. This would then be published on school websites to encourage others.
  • Richmond Council will also be holding an information stall on the forecourt of Richmond station, TW9 2NA from 11:00 – 16:00 on Clean Air Day, 20th June 2019. It will provide information on borough wide initiatives to help reduce pollution and encourage sustainable travel. It will include an electric vehicle stall with a Tesla and info on buying and running an electric car. It will also have a smoothie bike, to get people back on bikes who can select and make their own smoothie. Two actors, dressed as mad professors will be around Richmond town centre helping engage with shoppers and children and encouraging them to take part.

For more information, please visit: 

London Borough of Southwark

There will be a press release regarding the expansion of Southwark Council’s permanent air quality monitoring station network from 2 stations to 5 - including PM2.5 at all of them. The press release will also publicise Southwark’s success in the latest MAQF round – funding was secured for:

  • A Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN) in Walworth

  • The impact of street washing techniques on Particulate levels around Waterloo and Elephant & castle – a joint project with Lambeth

  • Non Road Mobile Machinery site inspection & enforcement – a joint project with many boroughs

  • Southwark will also encourage staff to leave the car at home at least 1 day in the week 17 – 21st June – press info on the most novel alternatives.

  • There will be social media activity all week on AQ related messages, our activities and the #onething AQ public awareness campaign that Southwark launched earlier in the summer, building to a crescendo on Thursday 20th.

  • On CAD a day full of AQ related activities at 2 primary schools (anti idling awareness, a walking bus, a school street launch, a bike workshop and hopefully a very special announcement and press photo-call).

  • Distribution of 1,000s of pledge cards to school communities and the public to encourage them to think about what #onething they can do to improve local air quality.

For more information, please visit: 

London Borough of Sutton

  • A lesson / workshop on the theme of air quality will be delivered to students at Robin Hood Junior School. A living wall has recently been installed between the boundary of the school playground and the town centre gyratory in order to reduce exposure of the children to air pollution. Following the air-quality themed lesson, the students will explore the different habitats created by the wall with the Lead Member for the Environment, Councillor Manuel Abellan, and the Director of the Public Health, Dr Imran Chowdhury as they officially launch the borough’s revised Air Quality Action Plan.
  • The children will also be shown the air quality monitor located adjacent to the roadside outside the school so they can relate it to the monitoring data that they will work with during the lesson.

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London Borough of Tower Hamlets

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets will be holding a number of events throughout the week, including:

  • 18 June:  Air Quality conference hosted by deputy Mayor, Cllr Rachel Blake.
  • 20 June: Anti idling event in conjunction with London Hospital.
  • 24 June: Air quality road closure and festival at St Paul’s Way, E3.

For more information, please visit: 

London Borough of Wandsworth

  • Wandsworth Council will be running two events at St George’s Hospital, Tooting on June 19 and Southside Shopping Centre, Wandsworth on June 20. Residents, workers and visitors are invited to go along to have a go at roller racing where riders compete against each other on stationary bikes between 11am and 3pm. Council staff and some of the borough’s volunteer Air Quality Champions will be at the events between 9am and 4pm to chat to local people about simple measures they can take to reduce the amount of pollution they produce such as not leaving car engines idling, walking or cycle to work or school instead of driving, and avoiding wood-burning stoves.

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