Statement - GCSE results day 2016

  • By Gemma Kappala-R...

Cllr Peter John OBE, London Councils’ Executive member for children, skills and employment, said:

“Good luck to all London students receiving their GCSE results. London has an excellent track record when it comes to GCSEs and is likely to do well again this year, thanks to hard work and tireless pursuit of high standards from young people across the capital, as well as their teachers and head teachers. 

“Boroughs are keen to ensure that London continues to achieve great results and builds on its success, which is why we are concerned about the forthcoming national funding formula for schools that will see existing school funding redistributed across the country.

"Any reduction of funding allocated by government to children going to school in London will create risks across the London education system, including a decline in school performance. That is why we are campaigning for government to level up schools funding across the country, so no child in England is disadvantaged by education funding reforms.”