Understanding strategic commissioning

  • By London Councils

The funding for the London Cultural Improvement Programme came to an end in 2011.  This website will remain live to ensure that the learning and resources from the programme are still available.  For an overview of the programme visit the LCIP Index.

On Tuesday 28th April, London's Living Room at City Hall hosted the London Cultural Improvement Group and IDeA's Understanding Strategic Commissioning.

The sharper focus on outcomes is leading to the reorientation of public services around a "commissioning model". In some services a commissioning model has been in place for many years. This is the case in adult social care and health, for example. Its arrival in children's services, learning and skills, offender management and other public services is more recent. Culture and Sport are now striving to respond to this new agenda either by improving how culture and sport services are themselves commissioned or by being more proactive in responding to commissioning processes instigated by others. The event was designed to help those operating in the sector to understand the concept and develop their skills in the process of commissioning.

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