Community Engagement & Public Consultation

  • By London Councils

The funding for the London Cultural Improvement Programme came to an end in 2011.  This website will remain live to ensure that the learning and resources from the programme are still available.  For an overview of the programme visit the LCIP Index.

A free Community Engagement & Public Consultation event was was held at St. Bride Foundation on Wednesday 23 March 2011 in association with the Consultation Institute to support London Boroughs to develop meaningful and effective Community Engagement and Public Consultation. The event was organised in response to a demand from London Boroughs who are currently managing relationships with a complex range of stakeholders and dealing with varied and competing priorities in the current economic climate.

Masterclasses were run on the following topics, which led to the development of guidance documents and enhanced notes:

Stakeholder Management & Mapping
Managing a range of stakeholders is one of the more challenging tasks faced by public bodies and others.  This guide helps you to understand the benefits of modern stakeholder management techniques.. 

Using Social Media for public engagement and consultation
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube...and all the rest!  Use these enhanced notes from the session to learn how to exploit the huge potential of Social media to engage with stakeholders and the general public and also how to manage occasions when organised campaigners utilise social media techniques to make their case to influence decisions.

Facilitation Skills for 2011
Facilitating a dialogue between interested parties has become an important skill to deploy in a range of engagement scenarios.  Given the Big Society and Localism agendas, officers now regularly need to engage with a whole range of individuals and organisations who have previously not been actively involved; this extensive document provides practical guidance. 

Applying “Big Society” Ideas
Making sense of the Big Society is exercising everyone right now. The most challenging aspects may lie in harnessing ideas of volunteering and philanthropy, particularly in socially-disadvantaged areas or where there is little tradition of community-involvement.

The related documents below offer the agenda, delegate list, presentation and accompanying notes for the morning session as well as the supporting guidance documents and enhanced notes on the masterclass topics.  This material by the London Cultural Improvement Programme is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Please link to this page when providing attribution and credit the London Cultural Improvement Programme.