London Events Network and Training (LENT)

  • By London Councils

The funding for the London Cultural Improvement Programme came to an end in 2011.  This website will remain live to ensure that the learning and resources from the programme are still available.  For an overview of the programme visit the LCIP Index.

The London Events Network and Training (LENT) project was developed by the London Events Forum (LEF), which was formed in October 2008 by Southwark Council to provide an improvement network for event professionals working within local government structures across London.  Members of the LEF are responsible for producing and hosting thousands of events every year.

LEF provides the opportunity for cross borough working and sharing of information, ideas and best practice. 

The London Cultural Improvement Programme helped the Forum to develop the following work strands through LENT:

  • Peer Programme based on the CSIT methodology
  • EventApp based on the FilmApp model
  • Event toolkit, which is available through local authority websites such as Brent and Southwark.

LEF have been working with partners to develop ways to improve current processes, develop skills, support peers and create new ways of working.

The related documents below offer the LEF report into outdoor activity in London that was produced as part of the needs analysis for LENT.