Senior staff

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Chief executive’s office

Chief Executive 

Alison Griffin

Tel: 020 7934 9509

Email: [email protected]

Head of Office to the Chair and Chief Executive

Barbara Salmon

Tel: 020 7934 9509

Email: [email protected]

Policy and public affairs

Policy and Public Affairs (PAPA) is the corporate division responsible for developing ideas, positions and arguments on behalf of London boroughs and for communicating those ideas in ways that will have the maximum impact on central and regional government, the public and other key audiences.

Director: Communications

James Odling-Smee

Tel: 020 7934 9750

Email: [email protected] 


Head: Children's Services

Caroline Dawes

Tel: 020 7934 9793

Email: [email protected]


Head: Strategic Policy Group

Doug Flight

Tel: 020 7934 9805

Email: [email protected]


Strategic Lead: Health and Adult Services

Clive Grimshaw

Tel: 020 7934 9830

Email: [email protected]


Interim Director of Local Government Finance & Improvement

Paul Honeyben

Tel: 020 7934 9748

Email: [email protected]


Head: Strategic Lead: Enterprise, Economy and Skills

Dianna Neal

Tel: 020 7934 9819

Email: [email protected]


Head: Housing and Planning

Eloise Shepherd

Tel: 020 7934 9813

Email: [email protected]


Head: Transport, Environment and Infrastructure

Katharina Winbeck

Tel: 020 7934 9945

Email: [email protected]


Head of Business & Enterprise

Stephen King

Tel: 0207 934 9670

Email: [email protected]


Special Projects: Housing

Alex Sewell

Tel: 0207 934 9572

Email: [email protected]


ESF Technical Adviser

Samira Armitt

Tel: 0207 934 9789

Email: [email protected]



Services is the corporate directorate responsible for all our services delivered directly by us and on behalf of the boroughs to Londoners and London organisations. This includes concessionary fares (the Freedom Pass), traffic enforcement, care placements and Capital Ambition.

Strategy Director: Young People’s Education and Skills, Grants and Community Services

Yolande Burgess

Tel: 020 7934 9739

Email: [email protected]


Acting Director of Transport and Mobility

Stephen Boon

Tel: 020 7934 9951

Email: [email protected]


Corporate resources

Corporate resources is the division responsible for London Councils’ financial control and audit of expenditure, as well as maintaining the organisation’s internal support functions of HR, finance, facilities and ICT.


Acting Director of Corporate Resources

David Sanni

Tel: 020 7934 9704

Email: [email protected]


Corporate governance

Corporate governance leads on business planning and performance management, and on maintaining London Councils’ formal institutional relationships with the Greater London Authority and the Local Government Association. The Governance Support Team is responsible for the central administration of all London Councils' committee meetings. Corporate Governance is also responsible for Human Resources, Organisational Development, Complaints and Freedom of Information.

Director: Corporate Governance

Christiane Jenkins

Tel: 020 7934 9540

Email: [email protected]


Head of London Regional Employers’ Organisation

Steve Davies

Tel: 020 7934 9995

Email: steve.davi[email protected]


Corporate Governance Manager/Data Protection Officer

Post vacant


Political advisers

London Councils’ political advisers serve and support London local government and the members belonging to their London Councils party group. The political advisers are also the main point of contact between London Councils and other national/regional or local groupings of their respective national political parties.


Jade Appleton

Tel: 020 7934 9502

Email: [email protected]



Ella Watson

Email: [email protected]


Liberal Democrats

Daniel Houghton

Tel: 020 7934 9502

Email: [email protected]