London Councils Business Plan 2013/14

  • By London Councils

London Councils’ core purpose is to help London local government successfully to shape London both as a world class capital city and its localities. Specifically, London Councils aspires to be:

  • a highly respected and influential lobbyist and advocate for boroughs, promoting their leadership of a broad range of local public services and communities, as well as fighting for them to get the resources, powers and freedoms necessary to play that role
  • a catalyst for effective sharing between boroughs – people, practice, knowledge, information and services. London Councils seeks to be instrumental in both challenging and supporting London local government to improve performance and efficiency
  • a provider of a clearly defined range of quality and responsive services to Londoners and London organisations on boroughs’ behalf.

This plan sets out the four broad, over-arching themes for the year that set all of our work into context. It describes the ways in which London Councils goes about its work – with members, member authorities and others.

It also sets out the individual projects and main work programme for the Policy and Public Affairs and Services Directorates, which underpin the overall work of the organisation, help deliver its core purpose and reflect its over-arching themes.