Apprenticeship Employer Engagement Programme

  • By London Councils

In June 2013, 7 boroughs launched new projects to engage their local employers in apprenticeships. Funded by the National Apprenticeship Service, these projects aimed to create an additional 550 apprenticeship places for 16-18 year olds by early 2014.

London Councils commissioned Shared Intelligence to undertake an evaluation of the programme. The evaluation report found that:

  • the programme generated 615 apprenticeship vacancies, with 376 of these currently filled - this was described as ‘a huge achievement in a short space of time'
  • the investment in these projects demonstrated very good value for money. The average cost of a vacancy generated and filled was £326, which compares extremely well to the cost of other related mainstream programmes
  • a higher than average proportion of vacancies was filled by 16-18 year olds (41 per cent compared to a London average of 21 per cent) and almost all vacancies generated were filled by young people aged 24 and under
  • local authorities can play a very useful role in generating apprenticeships, particularly with smaller firms and with their partner agencies, some of whom have the capacity to recruit substantial numbers of apprenticeships - employers value their impartial advice and assistance in navigating what is a highly complex system
  • wide scale marketing and promotion appears to be of limited value when working with SMEs and micro-businesses. The way to generate vacancies is through one-to-one support for employers, providing them with advice on recruitment, frameworks and identifying training providers
  • it is easier to generate interest from employers than from young potential apprenticeship candidates - working with schools and with parents as well as young people is important in this process.

You can find the report on the right hand side of this page. 

For more information about the programme please contact Dianna Neal.