Pan-London Leavers Process

From September 2013, all young people were required to continue in education or training until the end of the academic year in which they turned 17; this rose to their 18th birthday from the summer of 2015.

With this change came a statutory duty that requires all providers of education or training for 16 and 17 year-olds to inform their home local authority if a young person aged 16 or 17 drops out of learning. This is so they can be contacted swiftly and offered support to help them re-engage.

Large numbers of young people in London travel outside of their resident borough to learn.

London boroughs will need to receive timely information to be able to effectively assist and support their residents who leave out-of-borough provision to re-engage as well as for those who study in borough.

London Councils has therefore developed a simple process to make it easy for institutions to send leaver information to their home borough and then for that information to be quickly and easily shared with the boroughs in which those young people live.