Adolescent safeguarding

London Adolescent Safeguarding Group: We have identified 1st July 11.30-1.30  as the date for our first pan-London thematic group meeting which will take place at London Councils. 

We would welcome representation from DCS, AD or relevant Head of Service. If this is the theme you have chosen for self-evaluation we would anticipate you would want to make sure your authority is represented at all group meetings. If this is not the theme you have chosen then you are still of course welcome to send a representative and benefit from what we will ensure is a positive learning experience for all involved.

Ben Byrne [email protected] will be happy to assist with any queries about the RIA programme and the thematic work. Alternatively you can of course speak with one of us should you need to.

Led by Annie Hudson Strategic Director of Children Services - LB Lambeth and  Florence Kroll Director of Children Services RB Greenwich