Climate Change

London Councils is a member of the London Climate Change Partnership

  • By Owain Mortimer

We are a member of the London Climate Change Partnership (LCCP), which is a group of public, private and community sector organisations that have a role to play in preparing London for extreme weather today and climate change in the future.

The LCCP has agreed a 2020 Vision that:

London’s people and systems are dynamically adapting to its changing climate, and its economy is reaping the rewards of being a world leader in this field. Despite changes in the climate, Londoners are no more at risk from extreme weather events in future than they are today.

It is currently working on a range of projects, including:

  • Climate Just - A project to map and provide guidance on the relationship between climate change vulnerability and disadvantage with Climate UK, the Joseph Roundtree Foundation, Environment Agency and University of Manchester
  • Heat Risk in London - A project to develop a heat risk register in London and raise public awareness of the issue, with the Zero Carbon Hub, London Resilience, the Met Office, NHS and the Health Protection Agency
  • Commercial Property Resilience - A study on the impact of climate change on the cost and effectiveness of cooling in urban office buildings with the Better Buildings Partnership.

Find out more about the London Climate Change Partnership's past and current projects.