About the team

Our priorities:

Our health and social care team’s policy work is driven by four core priorities: 

  • ​Create partnerships to keep London's children and young people safe; especially from gangs.
  • Champion and build on borough public health achievements in enhancing health and wellbeing for Londoners and make the case for adequate funding.
  • Act with partners to transform both access and quality of health and care services for Londoners.
  • Campaign for adequate funding and reform of adult social care

We work closely with boroughs and a range of partners. These include:

Our work is currently focused on:   

For further information about the work of London Councils policy work in this area please contact:

[email protected] 

Strategic Lead for Health & Social Care

020 7934 9830


[email protected]

Policy and Projects Manager (Public Health, Sexual Health and HIV)

020 7934 9507


[email protected]  

Policy and Projects Officer  (Adult Social Care/Health and Well-Being Board Chairs)

020 7934 9947


[email protected]

Principal Policy and Projects Officer (VAWG, Domestic Violence and Modern Slavery)

020 7934 9972


[email protected]

Principal Policy and Projects Officer (Asylum and Migration)

020 7934 9809


[email protected]

PA and Policy Support Officer 

020 7934 9522