Equalities Impact Research: Final report

  • By Mark Winterburn

The Learning and Work Institute (L&W), was commissioned by London Councils to review the local equalities implications of social policy reforms or emerging socio-economic phenomena and how these affected London’s population. The review looked across the broad housing, employment and skills, and social security policy areas to identify key groups more acutely affected by government led reforms or social issues. Where possible, the review assesses the intersectionality in both the feminist tradition (considering the overlap of dimensions of oppression), as well as the intersectionality of social policy issues.

This report assesses and presents fresh evidence on the local impacts of reform on households, individuals, communities and services across London, and how those affected are responding to reforms. It draws on an extensive review of published evidence, as well as primary research with stakeholders, frontline service providers, and (importantly) Londoners affected by these issues.

Mark Winterburn, Principal Policy and Project Officer

[email protected] | 020 7934 9912