Troubled Families Programme: Lessons in Public Service Reform

  • By London Councils

London Councils had launched a new report ‘Troubled Families Programme: Lessons for Future Public Service Reform’.   

The report explores the experience of the Troubled Families Programme in London, with councils taking a strong local grip on the delivery of integrated services and suggests that it offers important lessons for the wider reform of public services.

This report sets out case studies of different London borough approaches to the Programme and identifies the learning so far. It also draws out the implications for developing locally pooled budgets for delivery of other public services more effectively and efficiently.

In the report we also argue that Troubled Families Programme is a successful demonstration of how central government can work with local government and other agencies to bring budgets and services together in a pro-active way at a local level.  It has also demonstrated that devolving responsibility and funding for a number of other key public services to the local level – where the benefits of integration and personalisation can be realised – offers a unique opportunity to bring services together to improve outcomes and cut costs.

There is now a clear opportunity for central Government to capitalise on this template in its approach to other groups with complex multiple needs, by reforming narrow departmental approaches, devolving funding and liberating local government to deliver results. 

Download the report on the right of this page.