Spacehive in Lewisham

  • By London Councils


“We see Spacehive being used as a way to make the local voluntary and community sector more sustainable by building their skills and capacity as well as diversifying their fundraising strategies.”  Winston Castello, Community Enterprise Manager, Lewisham Council

When Lewisham Council adopted civic crowdfunding in 2015 as a way to distribute their grants, they were naturally looking to address reduced resources but more importantly they wanted to create a more sustainable funding model for the broader voluntary and community sector as well as building the skills and capacity of local organisations.

Using an existing funding pot of £100,000, the council invited local groups to upload their project ideas to Spacehive and demonstrate community support before they then pledged up to £10,000 towards the best.

Since the Council’s fund launched on Spacehive, 33 projects have been successfully crowdfunded, raising £217,000 from over a thousand backers. The “ecosystem” of funding available in Lewisham has also more than tripled to £350,000, as companies like Lewisham Homes, Lend Lease, and the foundation Esmee Fairbairn followed the Council’s lead by offering support to projects in Lewisham.

Residents are empowered to become change makers within the community through creating and delivering projects that matter to them. What started off as one funding pot has catalysed the growth of vibrant ecology of ideas and funding.