Funding proposals by a partnership of organisations

  • By London Councils

London Councils recognises there can be strong benefits for voluntary  organisations seeking funding in partnership:

  • Organisations can share good ideas, which can help you with your existing services as well as developing new applications for funding
  • Applying for funding in partnership can also open up future opportunities for joint working, which could benefit your service users.

Further advice and information about working in partnership can be found at:

London Councils funds a range of organisations that work in partnership including:

  • Organisations that are funded individually but work informally with other organisations
  • Organisations that are funded through partnerships/consortia with funding awarded to the Lead organisation,
  • New organisations set up by a partnership of existing organisations

Lead organisations

Are responsible for the following:

  • Collating and submitting monitoring information
  • Submitting the partnership agreement
  • Reporting challenges to the partnerships effective delivery

New organisations set up jointly by existing organisations

London Councils funds organisations that have been set up by a partnership of existing organisations.

There are a range of reasons to establish a new organisation. For example, a new organisation may be set up if two organisations set up a new entity to work across more London boroughs than either organisation is able to do alone.

New organisations set up jointly by existing organisations need to be eligible for our funding in the same way as any other type of organisation.