London Councils pan-London Grants Programme 2022-2026 – Expression of Interest

Deadline: 12 noon, 25 June 2021

  • By London Councils
London Councils represents London’s 32 borough councils and the City of London. It is a cross-party organisation that works on behalf of its member authorities, regardless of political persuasion.

Pan-London Grants Programme

London Councils manages a pan-London grants programme on behalf of its member authorities. The current programme, which has invested £6million a year since 2017 on combatting homelessness and tackling domestic and sexual abuse, is due to end next year.

Pan-London Programme from 2022

London Councils is developing a new four-year programme that will retain a focus on combatting homelessness and tackling domestic and sexual abuse, with preliminary intentions to commission the following types of services:
Combatting Homelessness
  • Prevention and targeted intervention
  • Youth homelessness
  • Support to the statutory and non-statutory sector to improve the response to homelessness
Tackling Domestic and Sexual Abuse
  • Prevention work with children and young people
  • Advice, counselling and support to access services
  • Helpline - support, advice, and access to refuge provision
  • Data gathering and support for regional coordination of refuge provision
  • Emergency refuge accommodation, support and move-on support (London Councils is likely to call for proposals for refuge provision in 2022) 
  • Targeted services for those affected by harmful practices
  • Support to the statutory and non-statutory sector to improve the response to domestic abuse

Who is this invitation to express an interest aimed at?

Voluntary and community, and not-for-profit organisations specialising in combatting homelessness and tackling domestic abuse, that are interested in helping us to develop the programme further, and who are thinking of applying for funding to deliver services from April 2022.
London Councils aims to call for funding proposals during the summer of this year:
If you are thinking of applying for funding at a later stage in this process, London Councils cannot fund organisations that do not meet the following conditions:
  • Not for profit: London Councils cannot fund organisations that make a profit. It can fund social enterprises and other organisations that generate surpluses, if the organisation’s governing documents show that the surplus must be reinvested. This must also be reflected in the organisation’s accounts.
  • Constituted: Organisations must have a constitution or governing document that has been formally adopted by the organisation, is signed and dated, and defines how the organisation will operate. A governing document can be a written constitution, or Memorandum and Articles of Association of a company. Activities outlined in a funding application cannot be outside the remit of the organisation as set out in its constitution.
  • Able to work across more than one London borough: The legislation that governs the operation of the Grants Scheme only allows London Councils to fund organisations that deliver services in more than one London borough. Due to the diverse range of London’s communities and the pan-London coverage required to meet the programme’s eligibility criteria, London Councils anticipates applications from partnerships, or sole organisations with enough reach. London Councils funds partnerships via a lead partner, however, all organisations within a partnership need to meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Financially solvent: Organisations funded by London Councils must not have liabilities that exceed current assets.
  • Not a public or local authority body: The legislation that governs the operation of the Grants Scheme does not allow London Councils to fund public bodies such as NHS trusts, local authorities, state schools or colleges.
  • Deliver services within Greater London: The legislation that governs the operation of the Grants Scheme requires that funding, which comes from London boroughs, must benefit people who live in the capital.
Complete this Expression of Interest - - if you are thinking of applying to become part of the pan-London Grants Programme 2022-2026. This expression of interest is not an application for funding and does not secure funding. If, after you have started your expression of interest form you need to return to it at a later stage, you must use the following link -
London Councils will use the information you supply to establish if it can (at a later stage) enter a financial arrangement with your organisation. It is important to establish this early in the grant making process so organisations do not invest in a potentially costly process that cannot lead to funding.  
If you submit an expression of interest, you will be invited to apply for funding to deliver a project within the London Councils Grants programme 2022-2026. You are not obliged to go any further in the process by completing this expression of interest – London Councils recognises that some organisations will use this stage to determine if they have the capacity to meet the requirements of the programme. 

What we will ask

Questions about your organisation:
  • Name, address, borough your organisation is based in, phone number, website address (if you have one), legal status, charity/company number
  • Aims, vision and specialisms
  • Whether you are thinking of applying as a lead partner or a collaborating partner
  • The Priority(s) and service area(s) you are considering
  • A brief summary of your activity over the past year
A question about where you could deliver:
  • The boroughs you would be able to deliver in
A declaration request:
  • Confirmation that the information you have provided is accurate
If you have any questions, please Contact us at [email protected] 

Deadline for submitting an expression of interest: 12 noon, 25 June 2021