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Latest facts

  • Taxicard

    In 2017/18 there were 1.25 million Taxicard journeys.

  • The Overground

    There are 112 stations on the London Overground.

  • The Tube

    There are 270 stations on London's tube network covering a total route of 402km (250 miles).

  • London's busiest station

    Waterloo is London's busiest railway station with around 82 million passengers per year.

  • Cost of education

    Just under half (47%) of all local government spending in the capital goes on education

  • Fall in council tax

    Between 2010/11 and 2013/14 Council Tax charges in London fell on average by around £100, or 10 per cent in real terms

  • Funding from grants

    More than half of local government funding comes from special and specific grants controlled by central government

  • Funding from council tax

    Less than a fifth of all local government spending is London is funded through the council tax

  • Cost of services

    Between them, London's 33 councils will spend about £15.6 billion on providing services such as education, public health, social care, waste management, housing and culture in 2013/14

  • The housing gap

    There has been an increase of 540,000 households in London over ten years but only 430,000 new homes built.