Leading London towards 2030

London Councils’ proposals to the next Mayor of London

  • By London Councils

The sixth Mayoral election will be held in May 2020. The winner will be the face of London as we enter the third decade in which the city is governed by a strategic Mayor, 32 London boroughs and the City of London Corporation. Through two decades of joint working we have learnt much about what combined democratic city leadership can deliver for Londoners.

We are fortunate that since the first Mayor was elected in 2000, each successive incumbent has built on their predecessor’s achievements to strengthen the institutions for partnership work with London boroughs. In the next four years the greater urgency for investment and devolution make this a central priority to govern London well.

This document represents London Councils’ proposals for an agenda on which to work with whoever is elected Mayor of London in May of this year. All of the references we make in this document to the Mayor relate to that incumbent and the 2020-2024 Mayoral term. It sets out the principles that, we believe, should guide that partnership and follows up with specific proposals across a range of policy and service areas.

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