Transforming Community Equipment Services across London

  • By London Councils

Transforming Community Equipment Project is a London regionwide programme to accelerate the implementation of a retail solution for Simple Aids to Daily Living (SADLs) across London. Simple aids are those items such as eating and drinking utensils, grab rails, and raised toilet seats which help people to be independent.

Currently if a person qualifies for local authority social care support an assessment by an occupational therapist, physiotherapist or community nurse will take place and the assessor orders the equipment and it is loaned to the user. The user has no choice in the equipment given to them, which is also usually second hand.

The change means that following the assessment, local authority social care or health professionals will be able to issue prescriptions for simple items of equipment which can then be exchanged for products at selected retailers - like an optician's prescription for spectacles.

Local authorities across England are free to adopt this model as part of Transforming Adult Social Care Services. London however, is the first region to gain commitment to a regional approach.

A small cohort of regionally funded Transformation Project Managers, assisted by Financial Specialists, work with individual LA/NHS partners within London to:

  • Obtain executive sponsorship for TCES retail model
  • Initiate local project and establish governance
  • Start to develop local business case
  • Pass Start Up Readiness assessment
  • Develop change management strategy
  • Launch the local project and work through the first 6 weeks plan to implement local solutions for SADLs

This cohort will work closely with locally funded business change managers who will take over responsibility for delivering the project, implementing and transitioning into new ways of working from month 5 for onwards for each wave of the project.

The release of SADLs to the retail market is critical to releasing the greater efficiencies of £12.3 million that would be achieved through transforming the remaining Complicated Aids to Daily Living (CADLs) element of the services.

Benefits to you

This aims to give state-funded users more control and choice in the equipment they get. They can choose the product that best suits their lifestyle. If their choice costs more than the item on prescription, they can opt to pay the difference to the retailer.

By moving SADLs into the retail marketplace, supported by a robust borough and PCT communications programme, the model improves accessibility to these products for all users i.e. both state and self funded. The model, by opening up the market place for community equipment, empowers individuals to self-help thereby supporting the prevention and personalisation agenda.

It allows Local Authorities to operate as commissioners and not providers of service.

Project id: CA207
Theme: Delivering Together
Status: Active
Project Manager: Maxine Ayton
Contact: [email protected]