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Governance and decision making

The current Capital Ambition Board has been in operation since February 2011. The Board comprises five elected members advised by three Chief Executives, a representative from the Local Government Association, a representative from the GLA Group and a nominee from the Society of London Treasurers.

The Board is the sole decision making authority for programme funds.


Capital Ambition Board

Capital Ambition Board agenda and papers are available on the website


Use of Remaining Funds

Set up using Capital Ambition funds, the London Ventures programme brings innovative private and third sector ideas to the public sector. London Ventures is a joint partnership between EY and London Councils.The products, services and solutions in our Venture portfolio all aim to deliver significant benefits for London residents. They use cutting-edge technology to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public services. 

Our team assesses the Ventures to ensure that they're suitable for public sector implementation. We then identify opportunities for local authorities to use these solutions to achieve savings, increase investment and deliver better outcomes for Londoners.