Utilities - Innovation and Achieving Better Outcomes

Camden Council/
Vitali Energi

Electricity, gas and water are business-critical utilities that authorities must have in order to operate; and yet, as a group of authorities, we are also seeking a low carbon future, reduced pollution and a better local economy in a water-scarce and sewerage-poor area.

Value for money means getting products and services that meet our needs and expectations for quality and deliver additional value. Securing a contract price saving on a one-off basis through a tender process is no guarantee of optimum value for money or future savings and cost avoidance.Facing limited choices in supplier dominated markets, we need to know that

  • the price and quality of service we’re getting from our utilities is the best available from the market
  • we’re making best use of new innovation and technology
  • as customers, we’re investing in and managing our own resources effectively
  • we can meet our corporate objectives for improved social, economic and environmental outcomes across each authority and as a collective.

Ensuring value for money tomorrow

The LEP uses authority combined spending power to shape commercial development of future energy/water services and contracts to deliver even greater value for money, for example through the development of new pan-LEP energy and water contracts specifically for multi-site authority customers, part of our Shared Projects and Support Programme to 2020; and ensures that London authorities have a cohesive voice and a more transparent relationship with the energy and water supply chains to encourage them to support local employment, provide education packs for schools and supply greener energy.

“LEP’s Value for Money Benchmark Report directly supports the way we procure £millions of energy”

London Borough of Enfield

Evidencing value for money today

Energy prices, especially flexible contracts, can be difficult to understand in terms of all-round value for money.Water prices are no easier to interpret, particularly when supplier data is unavailable or impenetrable.Through our Independent Annual Benchmark Report and community-wide and bespoke evaluation and advice, the LEP Team provides independent assurance so that authorities can assess whether their energy and water procurement strategies are effective, their buying organisations are achieving good prices and are delivering value for money from other business critical aspects of utilities contracts, such as supplier performance, contract and invoice management.

The LEP is designed for and delivered by the public sector.  If you’re anything less than satisfied with the services and value for money you’re achieving from your current utilities contracts and suppliers/providers/agents, it could be time to join the LEP’s influential customer grouping, and get more for less, not more of the same.   Find out why there is Strength in numbers and Opportunities for Public Authorities working within the LEP by contacting us at: [email protected] or call 020 8489 1102.