Opportunities for Public Authorities

Just like the public sector, the energy and water markets are changing fast, so the way authorities have bought and managed energy for the past 10 years also needs to change. If we continue with our current strategies for procurement and operations, we will simply pay more for our essential supplies.

What’s in it for you?

By acting and working together were using LEP-authorities combined buying power to our collective advantage (aggregation benefits), sharing knowledge, experiences and expertise between authorities and teams, and developing professional skills and competencies with facilitated learning via the LEP Team. In this way ALL authorities achieve greater benefits more quickly and with reduced risk than if acting alone or in small groups.

The London Energy Project Shared Projects and Support Programme to 2020 offers considerable levels of expert support and services for authority teams within a single annual contribution.  Colleagues within our member authorities tell us they really value:

  • LEP’s Annual Achieved Prices (benchmark) report as an independent source of assurance for energy recommendations and management reports
  • LEP’s carbon compliance (CRC) audit service, calculators, checklists and guidance to minimise your compliance risk and costs
  • Our supply market trouble-shooting, escalation and improvement programmes that the LEP Team leads on your behalf
  • The expected benefits of new water and energy supply contracts that are geared directly to meet your business needs
  • LEP workshops, focus groups and panel opportunities because of the skills-building, networking and professional development paths they offer
  • LEP’s annual members-only Value for Money Conference, a platform for the latest thinking and joint working on public utilities management and carbon reduction/environmental improvement
  • Access to a category expert authority-based team on a day to day basis; a team that understands the priorities of your authority’s energy, procurement, finance, highways, estates, schools, operational and strategic management teams.


The services, support and expertise provided through this Authority’s participation in the LEP have been invaluable resources over the years. The London Borough of Hounslow Corporate Energy Management team have had several situations where further advice on energy matters has been required.  In these situations, the initial resource we’ve turned to has been the LEP because we know that their representatives will either be able to provide an answer directly, or they will utilise their own resources to provide us with professional advice in a timely fashion.

Head of Procurement, London Borough of Hounslow

Authority-led category expertise and support

Through LEP membership authorities resource their business requirement for sector-led senior-level commercial energy and water category expertise and workforce development that would be otherwise unaffordable or difficult to maintain in-house.

The LEP Team delivers a first-class commercial and authority-focussed service, using market share to: minimise risk; reduce procurement, contract operation and back-office costs; keep energy affordable; manage compliance and statutory responsibilities; improve supplier performance while maintaining a capable and agile workforce.

Could your authority benefit?

The more public authorities that act within the LEP customer community the greater our aggregated supply volumes and contract values.  The greater our volumes the more attractive and influential we ALL become as a customer group. The more influence we have the greater say we have over the quality and price of the full range of services provided to us, not just the traded energy and wholesale water commodity.  We also have a stronger voice with government policy makers and regulators, such that together we minimise the risk and cost of compliance and other commodity-related costs.

We have Strength in numbers, so to find out more about the ways in which authorities benefit from LEP membership, and how much your authority can benefit too, contact the LEP team at: [email protected], or on 020 8489 1102.

We maintain our independent, market-neutral position through direct member authority contributions