Podcast: Let's talk about illegal tobacco

  • By Valerie Solomon

Let's talk about illegal tobacco and public health in London, with Valerie Solomon (Policy and Projects Manager, Health and Adult Services) David Hunt, Trading Standards, LB Hackney and Michele Kemp, Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco Team Public Health England (London).

This podcast explains the topical issue of illegal tobacco and why it is important to address the impact of illegal tobacco on our health and within our communities.  The podcast also sets out the London boroughs’ responses and action being taken to raise awareness in London.

  • In 2017 it was estimated that £117 million is made by criminals each year as a result of the sale of illegal tobacco in London.
  • A survey of London smokers revealed that a third of smokers were offered tobacco in 2017
  • The illegal tobacco trade is also linked to organised crime and people buying it are putting themselves at risk.
  • Many of the people smuggling, distributing and selling illegal tobacco are also involved in drug dealing, money laundering and people trafficking.
  • Illegal tobacco has a negative impact of communities by encouraging organised crime.

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Valerie Solomon, Policy and Projects Manager, Health and Adult Services