• By London Councils

London is still growing fast and we need more homes. Yet it is not enough to build either penthouses, or little boxes. Londoners need homes and communities. We must not only build more, we must build for the different needs of different Londoners, whether family homes, council homes or market rents. All homes must meet good standards. All communities need social infrastructure including GP surgeries and schools to be in place as homes are built. London boroughs are already delivering large scale housing projects across the capital. We therefore commit to:

  • Seek new powers to further raise our delivery potential and so better meet the needs of London’s population through developing an agreement with government on extending the powers and financial flexibilities of London boroughs.
  • Create a suite of shared home building services that can be used by all London boroughs. This will include for example:
    • Expanding the London boroughs’ collaborative precision manufacturing company PLACE to deliver homes across the capital by 2022.
    • Co-designing with the building industry a standard platform for planning major developments.
    • Ensuring that construction apprentices funded through section 106 deals have access to work and training across all London boroughs.​
  • Agreeing a common standard across all boroughs to ensure safety and decency for all homes; especially taking action on rogue landlords. 
    • We will lobby government to provide new powers so that the financial burden of enforcing standards is paid by rogue landlords themselves and that landlord licensing decisions can be enforced at the borough level.
    • Engage with government to ensure a full response to the Hackitt Review that delivers clear guidance, enforces swift remediation of buildings of all tenures with dangerous cladding and other fire safety issues; and is effectively funded.
  • Supporting each other to reduce homelessness through collaboration across London including:
    • Committing to use the boroughs’ joint company Capital Letters as a procurement vehicle for temporary accommodation.
    • Providing a homelessness prevention service in every London borough based on boroughs sharing their best in class services and gaining adequate funding from central government.
    • Developing a borough led pan-London strategy to end rough sleeping.
    • Engage government to create more effective and fully funded solutions for homelessness and temporary accommodation in London.

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