Transport and Environment

  • By London Councils

As London grows, pan-London transport infrastructure improvements are essential to ensure growth without environmental damage or harm to health. Yet it is local interventions, service design and urban planning that creates a liveable city that, for instance, makes walking and cycling accessible to all. London Councils will:

  • Support the promotion of a new Clean Air Act and the introduction of ULEZ across much of London to protect Londoners from harmful polluted air. Transport jpeg
  • Deliver at least 2500 charging points for electric vehicles by 2022, including the option for 20 rapid charge points in each borough.
  • Work towards including a target of one tree for every Londoner in our local plans.
  • Hold TfL to account for improving the bus route network in every London borough.
  • Lobby for improved certainty and levels of local road funding through TfL’s LIP process.
  • Press for London borough representation on the TfL Board.
  • Create, cost and lobby for a programme of local transport infrastructure delivery; addressing enhanced connectivity, platform extensions and related responses to growing demand.
  • Lobby for the delivery of major transport investment including CR2, HS2, Euston redevelopment, Bakerloo Line extension, West London Orbital and Tram network.
  • Work to agree new forms of London borough influence on the specification, management and award of rail franchises so that the borough voice is at the heart of commissioning; and argue for further devolution to London.
  • Lobby for fiscal devolution of transport taxes including a proportion of VED to help fund highway maintenance, and new fiscal levers to unlock home building. 

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