Parking Band Map

  • By London Councils

This map illustrates the locations of the two parking penalty bands in use throughout London. Penalties issued in Band A are higher than those in Band B due to the higher demand for parking in those areas.

Contravention code list

  • By London Councils

Every civil parking and traffic contravention has a code and description.

Download the PCN contravention codes 2021 document on the right of this page. This document contains all the higher and lower level parking contraventions and moving traffic contravention codes and descriptions in London.

The codes and descriptions for lower level parking and the bus lane contraventions also apply in the rest of England and Wales.

Health and social care services

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Ten Interesting Things: about London's boroughs

  • By London Councils

London is truly a world city with an economy larger than several European countries and a rich and varied culture that attracts millions of tourists every year.

London is home to the national Parliament and also to a regional tier of government in the form of the Mayor and the Greater London Authority.

For the capital’s 8 million residents, however, London is more often experienced as a patchwork of localities, each with their own character and their own distinct environment and history.

Code of Practice on Civil Parking Enforcement

  • By London Councils

Download the Code of Practice on Civil Parking Enforcement

London Councils' Air Quality and Planning Guidance

  • By Owain Mortimer

The planning process can contribute towards achieving air quality targets, for example by ensuring that developments promote the use of walking, cycling and public transport, and ensure that the impact of poor air quality on new residents, employees and visitors is considered before development begins.

An introduction to safeguarding

  • By London Councils

Safeguarding is about working with children, young people and their families to take all reasonable measures to minimise the risk of harm to children’s welfare.

Where there are concerns about a child’s welfare, a multi-agency approach is taken to address these. Safeguarding is broader than ‘child protection’ as it also includes prevention.

This guidance has been produced to offer an introduction to safeguarding for lead members. It aims to outline:

London Safeguarding Children Partnership

  • By London Councils

The London Safeguarding Children Partnership is responsible for co-ordinating child protection activity in the capital

Workforce Planning Group