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Provision of external audit services

London Councils represents London’s 32 borough councils and the City of London. It is a cross party organisation that works on behalf of all of its member authorities regardless of political persuasion.

London Councils’ joint committees are established under section 101 and 102 of the Local Government Act 1972 and other enabling legislation. London Councils’ governing agreement requires the production and audit of the annual accounts for the joint committees. A similar requirement exists in the Articles of Association of London Councils Limited. As a result of this requirement, London Councils has to produce annual accounts for each of its entities. The activities of the Transport and Environment Committee, the Grants Committee and the company are incorporated into London Councils Joint Committee’s consolidated accounts.

London Councils is inviting tenders for the provision of external audit services for a four year period, commencing with the audit of the 2022/23 financial statements and return and ending on the completion of the audit of the 2025/26 financial statements and employers’ association return.

On the conclusion of the annual audits, the Potential Provider shall provide an independent audit opinion and report on London Councils’ financial statements and employers’ return. The audit should be conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (UK).

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Appendix A: Terms and Conditions

Appendix B: Tender Submission London Councils External Audit Services

Appendix C: Consolidated Statement of Accounts 2020/21

Appendix D: TEC Statement of Accounts 2020/21

Appendix E: GC Statement of Accounts 2020/21

Appendix F: LC Ltd Stat Accounts 2020/21

Appendix G: Cert Office AR27 return 2020/21

Appendix H: Pricing

Tender Submissions must be emailed to [email protected] by noon 15 July 2022.

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