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Recognising local authorities as key partners in Net Zero Strategy

LEDNet has worked with a coalition of partners to produce a paper outlining why it is essential local authorities play a central role in the Government's Net Zero Strategy and how the Government can start to work with local authorities. The coalition has called on the Government to adopt four key priorities to ensure the success of the Net Zero Strategy.

What is LEDNet?

London Environment Directors' Network (LEDNet) is the membership association for London’s Environment Directors. We work together to deliver more effective and efficient environmental services, as a key component of place-shaping. The outcomes we want to see are:

  • Increased adoption of circular economy approaches, reduced residual waste and increased recycling, cleaner air, more resilient green and blue infrastructure, a more resilient energy system and a thriving natural environment;

  • Increased adoption of best practice around digital solutions, proactive use of effective demand management and behavioural change approaches to achieve net zero carbon in London; and

  • More cost-effective outcomes for London residents.


What does LEDNet do?

We are working towards our outcomes by:

  • Influencing development of relevant policy and legislation at a national and regional level;

  • Providing a professional support network for LEDNet members; 

  • Facilitating collaboration between directors that contributes to London’s joint working; and

  • Commissioning research and developing best practice and policy on environmental and place-shaping issues of strategic importance for London.

LEDNet has an annual work programme to shape its core activity for the year and a timeline of key events in 2021/22. To tackle specific issues within the environment, LEDNet focuses on five key thematic areas of work (clusters) on the following areas:

Air Quality     Climate Change     Digital Innovation     Green Spaces     Waste and Resources

LEDNet’s cluster membership outlines which boroughs and organisations are involved in each group.

LEDNet is working on a number of projects and our work also involves the production of key publications.


Who does LEDNet work with?

LEDNet works with a wide range of local and national government, private and third sector stakeholders to achieve its objectives. Our meetings are attended by representatives from London Councils, the Greater London Authority, Transport for London and ReLondon as well as our Associate Members, which include London’s joint waste disposal authorities and the South London Waste Partnership.

LEDNet is represented on each of the following boards:

  • Transport for London (TfL) Board
  • London Streetspace Advisory Board
  • ADEPT Transport and Connectivity Board
  • ADEPT Environment Board
  • ADEPT Waste Group
  • Lead Chief Executive Advisors group for environment
  • Centre for Excellence
  • Cross Director Oversight group

LEDNet also provides a corporate membership opportunity for organisations who are interested in engaging with LEDNet and supporting London in responding to its environmental challenges.


LEDNet Governance

Our Chair is Victoria Lawson, Executive Director of Environment, Culture and Customer Services at LB Hounslow.

Our Vice Chair is Dipti Patel, Director of Place Delivery at LB Ealing.

Caroline George is the LEDNet Principal Policy and Project Manager. Contact her at [email protected] for any queries about LEDNet's work programme, our position statements and any requests for press interviews.

LEDNet's organisational structure shows its leadership team, who play a pivotal role in planning and delivering LEDNet's vision.