Regional Employers' Organisation and GLPC Job Evaluation Scheme

  • By London Councils

London Councils provides the London Regional Employers' Organisation which is one of the eleven regional employers’ groups which represents the interests of local authorities as major employers across the United Kingdom. 

Background Key Facts and issues:

  • The total headcount of the 33 boroughs was 84,207 as at 31 March.
  • The total annual basic pay (excluding on-costs) was provided by 30 boroughs totalling just under £2,448,915,537 at an average annual basic salary of some £33,950 (£32,411 in 2016).
  • Workers' average age was 45.8, with just 3.4% of workers aged 16-24 years.
  • The female to male ratio was roughly 62:38 with an average of 48.2% of the top 5% of earners being women (49.7% in 2016).  The while to Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) ratio was 62:38 with an average of 16.6% of the top 5% of earners being BAME (15.2% in 2016).

We provide:

  • Support to national and regional employers which includes acting as the Employers’ Side Secretary of the Greater London Provincial Council and the Greater London Employment Forum, providing a mediation service to support  the resolution of local and regional disputes,
  • Advice to London authorities on local pay and employment practices (the London Agreement); which includes maintenance of and training for the Greater London Provincial Council Job Evaluation Scheme owned and sold under license by London Councils.
  • Promotion of employment practices which support improvement and efficiency in public service delivery in London.

Read an introduction to the Greater London Provicial Council (GLPC) and Greater London Employment Forum (GLEF) - attached.

HR Policies and Procedures

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Networks currently supported by the Regional Employers' Office: