Our committee members

Cllr Peter John - Southwark

Leaders' Committee 

The Leaders' Committee is our main decision making committee.

Each borough is represented on the committee by their Leader. The Chair of the committee is Peter John OBE (LB Southwark) 


The Executive is an 12-member cross-party group. Leaders' Committee elects from its members a Chairman, a Deputy Chair and up to three Vice-Chairs for the Executive. Cllr Peter John OBE (LB Southwark) is the Chair.

Transport and Environment Committee 

The Transport and Environment Committee deals with a wide array of issues, including congestion charging, CCTV enforcement, waste and recycling, air quality and public protection. The Chair is Councillor Julian Bell (LB Ealing)

Grants Committee 

The Grants Committee comprises 33 representative members, one from each of London’s local councils. The Chair is Mayor Philip Glanville (LB Hackney)

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Executive Members

Read biographies of our executive members:

Cllr Peter John OBE (Lab) -  Chair of London Councils and executive member for Public Service Reform and Devolution and Finance and Resources

Cllr. Georgia Gould  (Lab) - Deputy Chair of London Councils and Executive Member for Skills and Employment

Cllr Teresa O'Neill OBE (Con) - Vice Chair

Cllr Ruth Dombey OBE (LD) - Vice Chair 

Catherine McGuinness (Ind) - Vice Chair

Cllr Ray Puddifoot MBE (Con) - Executive member for Health and Care (including Adult Care Services)

Cllr Julian Bell (Lab) - Chair of London Councils' Transport and Environment Committee

Cllr. Darren Rodwell (Lab) - Executive member for Housing & Planning

Cllr. Muhammed Butt (Lab) - Executive member for Welfare, Empowerment and Inclusion

Cllr. Clare Coghill (Lab) - Executive member for Business, Europe and Good Growth

Cllr. Elizabeth Campbell (Con) - Executive member for Schools and Children's Services

Cllr. Danny Thorpe (Lab) - Executive member for Crime & Public Protection


Leaders' Committee members

Cllr Darren Rodwell - LB Barking & Dagenham

Cllr. Daniel Thomas  - LB Barnet

Cllr Teresa O'Neill OBE  - LB Bexley

Cllr Muhammed Butt - LB Brent

Cllr Colin Smith - LB Bromley

Cllr Georgia Gould  - LB Camden

Catherine McGuinness - City of London

Cllr Tony Newman - LB Croydon

Cllr Julian Bell - LB Ealing

Cllr Nesil Caliskan  - LB Enfield

Cllr Danny Thorpe  - RB Greenwich

Mayor Philip Glanville  - LB Hackney

Cllr Stephen Cowan - LB Hammersmith & Fulham

Cllr Joseph Ejiofor  - LB Haringey

Cllr Graham Henson  - LB Harrow

Cllr Damian White  - LB Havering

Cllr Ray Puddifoot MBE - LB Hillingdon

Cllr Steve Curran - LB Hounslow

Cllr Richard Watts - LB Islington

Cllr Elizabeth Campbell -  RB Kensington & Chelsea

Cllr. Caroline Kerr  - RB Kingston upon Thames

Cllr Jack Hopkins  - LB Lambeth

Mayor Damien Egan - LB Lewisham

Cllr Stephen Alambritis - LB Merton

Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz OBE - LB Newham

Cllr Jas Athwal - LB Redbridge

Cllr Gareth Roberts  - LB Richmond

Cllr Peter John OBE -- (Chair) LB Southwark

Cllr Ruth Dombey - LB Sutton

Mayor John Biggs  - LB Tower Hamlets

Cllr Ravi Govindia - LB Wandsworth

Cllr Clare Coghill  - LB Waltham Forest

Cllr. Rachael Robathan  - LB Westminster

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Transport and Environment Committee members

Cllr Syed Ghani - LB Barking & Dagenham

Cllr Dean Cohen - LB Barnet

Cllr Peter Craske  - LB Bexley

Cllr Krupa Sheth - LB Brent

Cllr William Huntington-Thresher  - LB Bromley

Cllr Adam Harrison - LB Camden

Cllr Stuart King - LB Croydon

Cllr Julian Bell (Chair) - LB Ealing

Cllr Guney Dogan - LB Enfield

Cllr Denise Scott-McDonald - RB Greenwich

Cllr Jon Burke - LB Hackney

Cllr. Wesley Harcourt - LB Hammersmith & Fulham

Cllr Kirsten Hearn  - LB Haringey

Cllr Varsha Parmar  - LB Harrow

Cllr Osman Dervish - LB Havering 

Cllr. Keith Burrows - LB Hillingdon

Cllr Hanif Khan - LB Hounslow

Cllr Claudia Webbe - LB Islington

Cllr Will Pascall  - RB Kensington & Chelsea

Cllr Hilary Gander - RB Kingston upon Thames

Cllr Claire Holland - LB Lambeth

Cllr Brenda Dacres - LB Lewisham

Cllr Martin Whelton - LB Merton

Cllr James Asser - LB Newham

Cllr John Howard  - LB Redbridge

Cllr Alexander Ehmann - LB Richmond upon Thames

Cllr Richard Livingstone - LB Southwark

Cllr. Manuel Abellan - LB Sutton

Cllr David Edgar - LB Tower Hamlets

Cllr Clyde Loakes - LB Waltham Forest 

Cllr Richard Field - LB Wandsworth

Cllr Tim Mitchell - City of Westminster

Christopher Hayward  - City of London

Alex Williams - TfL

Upcoming Transport and Environment committee dates

Grants Committee members

Cllr. Saima Ashraf - LB Barking & Dagenham

Cllr. John Hart  - LB Barnet

Cllr. David Leaf  - LB Bexley

Cllr. Tom Miller - LB Brent

Cllr. Colin Smith  - LB Bromley

Cllr. Jonathan Simpson  - LB Camden

Cllr. Hamida Ali - LB Croydon

Cllr. Jasbir Anand - LB Ealing

Cllr. Nesil Caliskan - LB Enfield

Cllr. Miranda Williams - RB Greenwich

Mayor Philip Glanville (Chair) - LB Hackney

Cllr. Adam Connell - LB Hammersmith & Fulham

Cllr. Mark Blake - LB Haringey

Cllr. Sue Anderson - LB Harrow

Cllr. Viddy Persaud - LB Havering

Cllr. Douglas Mills - LB Hillingdon

Cllr. Katherine Dunne   - LB Hounslow

Cllr. Una O'Halloran - LB Islington

Cllr. Anne Cyron - RB Kensington & Chelsea

Cllr. Sam Foulder- Hughes - RB Kingston upon Thames

Cllr. Andy Wilson  - LB Lambeth

Cllr. Jonathan Slater - LB Lewisham

Cllr. Edith Macauley, MBE - LB Merton

Cllr. Charlene McLean - LB Newham

Cllr. Helen Coomb -  LB Redbridge

Cllr. Gareth Roberts  - LB Richmond upon Thames

Cllr. Evelyn Akoto - LB Southwark

Cllr. Marian James - LB Sutton

Cllr. Candida Ronald - LB Tower Hamlets

Cllr. Ahsan Khan  - LB Waltham Forest

Cllr. Paul Ellis  - LB Wandsworth

Cllr. Paul Swaddle - City of Westminster

Cllr. Dhruv Patel OBE  - City of London 

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Greater London Employment Forum (GLEF) Members

Cllr Sade Bright  - LB Barking & Dagenham

Cllr Daniel Thomas - LB Barnet

Cllr.Steven Hall - LB Bexley

Cllr Margaret McLennan- LB Brent

Cllr. Pauline Tunnicliffe - LB Bromley

Cllr Daniel Beales - LB Camden

Cllr Simon Hall - LB Croydon

Cllr. Jasbir Anand - LB Ealing

Cllr. Nesil Caliskan - LB Enfield

Cllr. Christine Grice - RB Greenwich

Cllr. Carole Williams - LB Hackney

Cllr Zarar Qayyum - LB Hammersmith & Fulham

Cllr Kaushik Amin  - LB Haringey

Cllr Adam Swerksy - LB Harrow

Cllr. Robert Benham - LB Havering

Cllr. Philip Corthone - LB Hillingdon

Cllr. Katherine Dunne - LB Hounslow

Cllr. Tricia Clarke  - LB Islington

Cllr. Catherine Faulks - RB Kensington & Chelsea

Cllr. Malcolm Self  - RB Kingston upon Thames

Cllr Andy Wilson - LB Lambeth

Cllr. Amanda De Ryk  - LB Lewisham

Cllr Mark Allison - LB Merton

Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz - LB Newham

Cllr. Jas Athwal  - LB Redbridge

Cllr. Geoff Acton  - LB Richmond upon Thames

Cllr Kieron Williams - LB Southwark

Cllr Richard Clifton - LB Sutton 

Mayor John Biggs (Chair)  -  LB Tower Hamlets

Cllr. Clyde Loakes  - LB Waltham Forest

Cllr Guy Senior - LB Wandsworth

City of Westminster

Edward Lord  - City of London