The Memorandum of Co-operation on Children's Agency Social Workers

  • By DebbieWilliams

What is the problem we are trying to address?
We are attempting to establish a more balanced social worker workforce across London, control agency worker rates and ensure accurate performance feedback on candidates.

Who are we working with?
All Councils who have signed the Memorandum, their children's services managers, agencies providing the social worker workforce and neighbouring regions.

What have we done to address the problem?
Agreed a Memorandum of Understanding (attached) and maximum rates across London and drafted a new end of assignment template.

More comprehensive workforce data is also produced.  Agencies have agreed to co-operate with the initiative.

What are the outcomes (or planned outcomes?)
Creating a stable and high performing social worker base in London.

A development plan to support the permanent workforce needs also to be established.  

What has been the benefit of working collaboratively?
This is not an issue which a single Council can tackle on their own.  Collaboration across councils, between professions and with the agency sector have been key.  Focussing on a core objective of wanting a stable workforce has been key in galvanising stakeholders.

The attached Agency Reference - end of assignment template is for use on all children social worker appointments and where necessary for adult social workers as well.