Borough toolkit for the Freedom Pass 2020 Renewal

  • By RhiannonJames

Renewal of older persons Freedom Pass

On 31 March 2020, 642,000 Older Person passes are due to expire across London boroughs, making this the largest renewal since 2015.

This year, London Councils will be performing two checks on older person's pass holder information: firstly, a check on usage, identifying those who have not used their Freedom Pass in the last two years, and secondly a data matching exercise to identify those who have changed address and not informed us.

Renewal letters will be sent in mid-January 2020 to those we believe have changed address and who have used their pass within the last two years. In the letter, they will be asked to update their details online or by post in order to receive a new Freedom Pass. 

All others who are at the same address will be issued a Freedom Pass automatically from February - March 2020.

No letter will be sent to those who have not used their pass within the last two years and their pass wil simply expire on 31st March.

Passes will begin to be issued from February 2020. There is no need for anyone to contact us unless they receive a letter and are asked to do so. 

If the pass holder cannot use the online system, there is a form on the back of the letter they can return by post. A FAQs page and guidance on what they need to do if they have changed their name or address is also included with their letter.

If people have queries or difficulty renewing their pass, they can call the Freedom Pass helpline on: 0300 330 1433, open Monday to Sunday, 8am to 8pm or email [email protected].  

You may wish to do your own communications and press in order to spread the word locally. London Councils will be doing generic promotion and press, but will not be reaching out to any local papers, or targeting any boroughs specifically with communications. 

Disabled persons Freedom Pass holders may be contacted separately by their borough, who may wish to reassess continued eligibility for the scheme.


Statistics for number of older person pass holders who were written to and have completed their renewal

2020 renewal report 28.02.2020

2020 renewal report 21.02.2020

2020 renewal report 14.02.2020

2020 renewal report 07.02.2020

2020 renewal report 20.03.2020


Templates for communications 

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