Communications guide and the London Councils logo

  • By London Councils

London Councils and the organisations it funds are partners motivated by a common aim – the provision of key services for the benefit of Londoners. As a condition of our funding we require an acknowledgement designed to raise awareness of the work we and the local borough council are funding. It is also vital that local communities are aware which organisations are funding services provided by the voluntary and community sector.

In return for acknowledging our funding we can help publicise your project in a number of ways. The acknowledgement of our funding should include:

Failure to comply with these requirements could result in the withdrawal of your funding from London Councils.

Use of the London Councils logo

The logo should be used on all literature about the project or organisation including press releases and marketing materials. You are not required to use the logo on headed paper or compliment slips.

The London Councils logo should be used in colour if the document concerned is in colour.

If the document is in black and white – and using a colour logo will involve additional cost – you should then use the black and white version.

If you are printing in a limited number of colours the logo may be used in any single colour, or simply reversed out in white only.

For a copy of the London Councils logo, please contact us
(020 7934 9627) quoting the name of your grants officer. Alternatively, ask your grants officer directly.

Approved text

You should use the following text to describe London Councils funding of your organisation or project wherever possible:

“London Councils is committed to fighting for more resources for London and getting the best possible deal for London’s 33 councils. London Councils has a website about its grants service. To read about our grants funding and the work of some of the groups we support please visit

Use of the London Councils website address

The website should be referenced wherever possible, for instance:

  • in all job advertisements for posts funded by a London Councils grant
  • on any advertised specifications for tenders
  • on website(s) about the funded project or organisation. These should feature London Councils’ logo with a link to

With the exception of the Community Grants programme, all projects funded by London Councils are required to submit a case study with their monitoring returns each quarter.  London Councils is pleased to be able to showcase the work of some of its funded projects via these case studies and will work with funded organisations to publish as many case studies as possible.

If your organisation is doing any media work around one of our funded projects, please mention that the project receives London Councils funding and also include our logo and the ‘approved text’ in your press releases.  Please forward your press releases and/or media coverage related to our funding to the London Councils Press Office.